Precious Stones

Precious Stones


Variety is the spice of life and we like to spice things up.  Cosmo Cage started with solid meteorite as we just loved how its story complimented the aesthetic of the ring. We heavily researched stones that would create new and refreshing looks. Sourcing from the best has resulted in 14 carefully selected high quality stones.


For everyday and every occasion you can have a completely different look.  3 ring cages and 14 different stones combined for a total of 42 unique configurations.


Select your favourite stones here to ship with you Cosmo Cage ring cage. 

Precious Stone
  • Natural Stone Variance

    Working with natural materials always bares unique results.  The images shown in the campaign are examples of what a stone may look like.  Natural stones vary in color shading, veins and inclusions, this is due to naturally occurring mineral concentration. As an example we have found 28 slight differences in shade of Maya Jade in our collection and all are on the very exclusive dark green varietal. In regards to meteorite it's a nickel-iron mass that is formed in space and its striations are completely unique each and every time, therefore each one has different markings.

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