Swiss Made Straps

Swiss Made Straps


The sourcing network at HORAGE is vast and plentiful. We have deep seated relationships with strap suppliers and for our watch (lug-to-lug size 22mm) we will offer 8 Swiss Made options. The leather straps are a sandwiched construction that have a rubberized inner side that overlaps and bonds with the leather or vegan friendly material on the upper surface. This combination increases longevity of the strap and wearing comfort. In total there will be 7 leather straps and for those looking for non-leather options we the Allure Blue available. The buckles of all straps will be our patented deployment buckle.

Color & Material
  • Material

    High-Quality Leather & Rubber

    Vegan Friendly Nylon & Bubber

  • Size

    Small: 67/115mm strap for wrist size 145-170mm

    Large: 70/120mm strap for wrist size 155-195mm

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