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The Evolution of Retail


The Horage Concierge Experience is for watch enthusiasts looking for a VIP consultative experience that is 100% focused on your interests in Horage.


It's an extension of our online and offline retailing options and heightens the traditional retailer experience.


Launching in Taiwan, watch enthusiasts have the option to book the Horage Concierge Experience here via Line or email.


Enthusiasts can choose which agent they would like to meet with.

A Flagship In The Cloud


The flagship location of the Horage Concierge Experience is located at Taipei 101, the island nations tallest and most exclusive building and powered by our in-house cloud retailing platform.


Watch collectors and enthusiasts are greeted in the lobby where they are then taken to a VIP access only level of Taipei 101. 


A private lounge, inclusive of espresso and cocktail bar overlooks Taipei and serves as the start point. 


After settling in guests are invited to visit The WatchWall the cloud connected commerce retail concept.


WatchWall - Immersive Connected Commerce

A connected commerce watch retailing platform created by Horage's sister technology company BrandCloud. 

WatchWall is a concept flagship store that empowers guest and Horage Concierge agents to interact with all current and pre-order Horage products via any mobile device.


By simply scanning a product guests can access all product information and decide for themselves which pieces they would like to view in person with the concierge agent.


Review of the physical product is supported by the in-app documentation of each and every unique watch in Horage's collection. 


From immersive video and photo to every conceivable spec, all information unique to the products in-hand is available by simply scanning the product code.

Connected Global Inventory


Finding inventory or pre-booking a future product is made easy. 


All global inventory whether it be at a local partner retailer, the Horage HQ in Switzerland or an agent in United Kingdom It's all visible and available for purchase.

Go Live With Switzerland


The experience isn't complete without virtually visiting the Horage HQ in Biel/Bienne Switzerland.


Guests of the Horage Concierge Experience can request on certain days and times to connect via video conference with the watchmakers, engineers and founders of Horage. 


Our doors are truly open and guests are sure to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work at hand in Switzerland.

WatchWall Dives Deeper

Every conceivable Horage product can be sold from any connected partner at anytime in the world. 


All transactions carried out in-app are unique to the product and bound to the individual.  This means all warranty and after-sales service information is embedded to the guests account.


Transacting in-app is supported by a host of financial service providers. Whether it be WeChat pay, Credit Card or even cash, watches can be purchased that day from any connected parties inventory from around the world.


Guest purchases are communicated immediately in-app and arrangement of either pick-up from an Horage Concierge Agent or delivery to their address of choice can be made.

Join The Launch


On March 5th, 2021 you are welcome to join us for the launch of the Horage Concierge Experience & WatchWall

Please RSVP us by either booking via Line or email.

Meet The Team



With a twenty year career immersed in the representation of global finance for major banks, Henry's passion for watches has him joining the team of Horage Concierge Experience Agents. As a major watch collector for more than twenty years, Henry's horological understanding is vast. 


He discovered Horage and how special of a brand it is after amassing a serious collection of Grand Seiko and Seiko amongst a host of German brands and Swiss Made divers.  When he's not talking watches he contributes written articles of a number of watch forums based in Taiwan. 


Located in Taipei.




A pioneer of digital technologies, to creator of rare boutique experiences, Mark's road to watches started in 2016 when he started as the Taiwan agent for Griffin Emblem watches of France.  Since then his passion for watches has grown and today he is an integral part of multiple watch groups and digital marketing projects. 


In 2018 Mark started an online to offline marketing funnel that lead to establishing an office in Taipei 101 and the Kaohsiung Watch Bistro where he offered a one on one watch shopping service.  Today he has expanded his horizons and is now a part of the Horage Concierge Experience team.


Located in Taipei.

Yulin & Yuchun


A couple deeply immersed in the development of Horage.


After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Yulin joined the Horage team as the in-house industrial designer. To-date, Yulin has oversaw the production drawings of each and every Horage movement and watch.  Yulin's passion and time is not only dedicated to designing watches, but also in graphic, website and showroom design.  Referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of the team, Yulin has played a pivotal  role in all aspects of Horage's development.


Yuchun is an industrial designer and marketer with an eye for furniture design. She joined Horage in 2019 and her innovative mindset and ability to oversee a multitude of marketing initiatives lead her to put her furniture design expertise to work on designing the physical WatchWall flagship location at Taipei 101 . Currently she assists the team with marketing, social media and retail development in Asia.  Her incredible eye for detail and product knowledge is vast and she is always eager to dive into the details.


Located in Tainan


Join The Launch


On March 5th, 2021 you are welcome to join us for the launch of the Horage Concierge Experience & WatchWall

Please RSVP us by either booking via Line or email.