Tourbillon 1

A tourbillon for today and the next generation of watch lovers.  

Making History

History only the Independent Swiss Watchmakers can write

The Swiss Made Tourbillon has stood as the “Grail” of any collectors watch list, but for the ill informed, savvy marketers created budget tourbillons sourced from the Far East and marketed them as affordable tourbillons.


The truth is that until today there has never been a Swiss Made Tourbillon under 14,900 CHF for the global watch market. The reason for this is the Swiss tourbillon production has been tightly controlled and therefore brands have profited by inflating margins. As an independent watchmaker, HORAGE has partnered with one of Switzerlands best tourbillon producers to bring the greatest value tourbillon the Swiss watch industry and the world has ever witnessed.

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A Swiss Made Tourbillon

The tables have turned and during our initial pre-order we communicated that we would be working in a collaborative effort with another Swiss movement maker..


Due to the cancellation of our order by our original movement supplier we have now taken the project in our own hands.  This means that we are building an entirely new movement from the ground up. Aesthetically the movement will remain unchanged, however the core components and tourbillon cage are currently being developed in-house by our in-house team in Biel/Bienne Switzerland. 


HORAGE and our team of highly skilled engineers and watchmakers never turn down a challenge.  We are committed to delivering a new Swiss Made tourbillon with a target of increasing power reserve from 72 - 100 hours and meeting COSC level accuracy.

Join in the journey and be a part of Swiss watchmaking history.

The First Customizable Tourbillon

HORAGE was first to market with a fully modular and customizable watch named Multiply for the multitude of customizable options.  Needless to say, Multiply was a huge success and we are applying a similar methodology with our tourbillon. As you continue with reading you will be able to configure your options.  After all, customization is usually only reserved for tourbillons in the $100,000 range and we thought you might like to have a say in the features you love.

7 reasons to desire an HORAGE Tourbillon

  • Independent production and design specialists - We do this for a living

  • Swiss Made - This is the home of watchmaking

  • Silicon Technology - Its the future & we are damn good at it

  • Skeleton Design - A tourbillon is meant to be seen

  • Limited series - Future value 

  • First Ever Customizable Tourbillon - You get what you want

  • Unparalleled Value - There is no better value

4 reasons a tourbillon is not for everyone

  • Friends and family might consider an intervention.  They probably just want one as well.

  • It costs as much as a mountain bike. You probably already have a mountain bike if not then consider it winter when you are reading this.

  • You might have hard time pronouncing tourbillon. Hint (too-be-yawn).

  • You are not a fan of smiling.  Just don’t look at that beautiful tourbillon spinning on your wrist.

What is special about the Tourbillon 1

With so much to share in future times our Tourbillon 1 project our engineers are head down in development of this amazing watch.  We will be utilizing components from our K1 and future K2 movements for the gear train, stem, winding and time setting mechanisms.  In addition we will lean on our K1 silicon escapement technology and further optimize it for our tourbillon cage.  The tourbillon cage we estimate to be approximately 20% lighter than the prototypes we had produced earlier due to a completely new and ultra efficient design.

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Next Generation Design

Young and lets say… well-aged make for a diverse team at HORAGE. We looked to our young team of watchmakers for inspiration on the Tourbillon project. Marcella, is one of our watchmakers and expressed interest in applying her expertise in watch decoration as she had specialized in this during her studies. The tourbillon project presented itself as the perfect platform for us to let her run with and she presented to us the first drawings of Tourbillon 1.  Given that handwork in Switzerland is extremely costly we asked Marcella to steer her creative vision towards creating a skeleton look with machine made processes. A decorators job is to ensure the product comes alive through not only structure, but the way light interacts with the products surface. Marcella delivered by creating varying levels of machined etching, combined with windows to the inner workings of the movement and applying 30 degree angles to each edge so it best reflects light and easily captures ones attention.

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Premium Case Materials

We are horophiles and this means we love using the absolute best materials available to us, those being stainless steel and gold.  For our tourbillon we are offering as standard Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel. The 904L stainless steel was made famous by other luxury giants as it is more costly than 316 the standard stainless steel in the watch market and therefore most watch brands opt to not utilize it. There is a belief that 904L is exclusive to Rolex, however we have also made this a standard steel in our Omnium watches and all future stainless steel HORAGE timepieces will be 904L. 904L is corrosion resistant and has an unprecedented brilliance to it.  


For those lucky enough to splurge on the ultimate of upgrades we are offering the option of an 18K solid gold cased. HORAGE has developed its own gold colour that summons a very subtle, richer, deeper hue than traditional gold through the infusion of saffron and crimson colouring. We only utilize solid gold in our production and this means you have real world value should you experience a personal apocalypse.

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Premium Plate Production

Our goal is to deliver jaw dropping tourbillon looks developed by modern watchmaking technologies.  Rather than significantly increase the tourbillons price by hand etching our plates we will have an interplay of CNC machined, brushed, matte and polished 30 degree angles that give the watch a different look depending on the angle of light.  The straight and geometric designs fit with HORAGE’s design DNA and also provide a refreshed modern look to the smoking jacket tourbillon of yesteryear.  30 degrees is a special angle as it not only maximizes the reflection of light it is also involves a very tedious machining process.  


You have the choice of either Grey, Silver or Gold wet plated colours as standard.  For the blue lovers we have included all Blue or a Grey & Blue mix as an optional upgrade.  The richness of this blue is something other worldly and the process to achieve this also comes at a premium.  The reason for blue as an upgrade is that we must use a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process that demands a longer processing time. 

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8 Strap Options To Choose From

The sourcing network at HORAGE is vast and plentiful. We have deep seated relationships with strap suppliers and for our tourbillon watch we will offer 8 Swiss Made options. The leather straps are a sandwiched construction that have a rubberized inner side that overlaps and bonds with the leather or fabric on the upper surface. This combination increases longevity of the strap and wearing comfort. In total there will be 7 leather straps and for those looking, for non-leather options we have the Allure Blue available. The buckles of all straps will be our patented deployant buckle. Additional straps are priced at 180CHF excluding buckle.

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  • Case: 904L stainless steel or 18k gold

  • Dimension: Lug to lug 47.8mm, top ring 41mm, case body 39mm, total height 11.8mm, case part height (excluding glass) 10.8mm

  • Dial: Two layer luminous appliques applied at hour markers

  • Hands: Hour and minute hands, luminous filled hands

  • Crystal: Multi-Layer anti-reflection domed sapphire crystal, Horage logo applied on backside of sapphire crystal

  • Case Back: sapphire crystal

  • Crown: 904L stainless steel or 18k gold

  • Water resistance: 100m


  • Movement: HORAGE K-TOU, 21 jewels

  • Functions: hand winding, silicon escapement, power reserve target 100 hours, Tourbillon revolves every 60 second


  • Strap: Black Grip Leather, Classic Black Leather, Blue Grip Leather, British Racing Green Leather, Russet Leather, Ocre brown leather, Frosted White leather, Allure Blue Vegan

  • Buckle: Single fold , Stainless , U-flex

Limited Edition Run

The tourbillon is limited to one production run.  However we will be offering multiple pre-order stages.  For those that join the first VIP Pre-Order you will have the most optionality to choose from and will secure the best price of 6,990CHF.  Our second pre-order stage increases the price by 500CHF to 7,490CHF. 


Our initial pre-order is now complete and we will be announcing the second pre-order time once travel restrictions have settled further due to COVID-19 . 

With our tourbillon now in-house we plan to deliver our first pre-order round in early 2021 with the second pre-order round having a later delivery date.  

Reach out and ask us any questions.  We are hear for you!

Mission Tourbillon

Engage & share in the adventure of our Tourbillon 1 project.


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