Tourbillon 1

A tourbillon for today and the next generation of watch lovers.  

History only the Independent Swiss watchmakers can write.

Today the visually stunning aspects of the tourbillon continue to be sought after by watch enthusiasts. 


The truth is we too wanted to have a Swiss made tourbillon so we embarked on the challenge.  At first we planned to work with another manufacturer, however sometimes it's just better to go it alone. Over 12 years of in-house movement development we have a granular understanding of manufacturing costs and by understanding costs and time needed we set out with our core components toolkit to deliver the impossible.   


If we were going to do this project we were going to do it right.  Therefore we mandated the latest advancements in haute horology and through stringent cost controls we will deliver incredible value to our community, all from our headquarters in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.


Advanced Movement Engineering

Leaning on our expertise as engineers proficient in silicon escapement technologies and the mathematics required for unique geometries, Tourbillon 1 will exceeds a five (5) day power reserve, which is over one-hundred  twenty (+120) hours of power reserve out of a single barrel construction.


A beat rate of 3.5Hz or 25,200 beats per hour is utilized as it is standard throughout all of Horage’s movements. 


Through our proven and stable industrial level movement K1, we have utilized key components from K1 as well as our latest micro-rotor caliber K2, such as hand setting mechanism, hand friction and escapement technologies. In addition a completely new gear train, new geometries and most importantly the ultra-thin and lightweight tourbillon cage have been developed from scratch. 


Chronometer certification is the benchmark for Swiss movement precision and a core value here at Horage and all movements will be adjusted to -4/+6 seconds.


There are limited cases for chronometer certification so please contact us via email with you interest in this upgradable option at the time of placing your order.


Thinner, lighter and ridiculously efficient was the challenge set forth by the engineers for Tourbillon 1's, titanium flying tourbillon cage.


The cage is comprised of forty-three (43) pieces and weighs in at just 0.29 grams. At 3.9mm in height it's low profile and layers of texture and material colour draw ones eye into the fascinating whirlwind that is the tourbillon. 

To ensure everyday stability we integrated a ball bearing construction over the dated and less stable pinion and jewel construction of the past. 

The bearing reduces the flying tourbillons centre of gravity and provides the tourbillon with unprecedented shock resistance, thus making it a truly everyday wear.

Titanium, silicon, rhodium along with contrasting finishes breath life into the cage.

The addition of a seconds indicator has been added.  For subdued light legibility the indicator is filled with Swiss Super LumiNova.

The Flying Tourbillon Cage

Silicon Escapement

With thinner and lighter addressed our secret sauce is our deep understanding of escapement technologies.


For Tourbillon 1 Horage utilized a 20.3 silicon escapement of our own geometry. By utilizing advanced simulation methods we can increase efficiency by upwards of 45% over traditional Swiss escapements. 

The cage is not only ultra-efficient and precise, but the visual draw of the tourbillon cage is further enhanced by the fume blue colour of the escapement wheel and anchor. 




Case: 904L stainless steel or 18k gold

Dimension: Lug width 22mm, Lug to lug 47.8mm, top ring 41mm, case body 39mm, total thickness 11.8mm, case height (excluding glass) 10.8mm

Dial: Double layer luminous appliques applied at hour markers

Hands: Hour and minute hands, luminous filled hands. Seconds hand on tourbillon cage

Crystal: Multi-Layer anti-reflection domed sapphire crystal, Horage logo applied on backside of sapphire crystal

Case Back: Sapphire crystal

Crown: 904L stainless steel or 18k gold

Water resistance: 100m


Movement: HORAGE K-TOU, 19 jewels

Functions: Hand winding, silicon escapement, +120 hour power reserve, tourbillon revolves every 60 second with start indication at 3 o'clock


Strap: Black Grip Leather, Classic Black Leather, Blue Grip Leather, British Racing Green Leather, Russet Leather, Ocre brown leather, Frosted White leather, Allure Blue Vegan

Buckle: Single fold stainless steel deployant buckle

Next Generation Design

Young and lets say… well-aged make for a diverse team at HORAGE. We looked to our young team of watchmakers for inspiration on the Tourbillon 1 project. Marcella, is one of our watchmakers and expressed interest in applying her expertise in watch decoration. The tourbillon project presented itself as the perfect platform for her to run with and she presented to us the first drawings of Tourbillon 1.

A decorators job is to ensure the product comes alive through not only structure, but the way light interacts with the products surface. Marcella delivered by creating varying levels of machined etching, combined with windows to the inner workings of the movement and applying 30 degree angles to each edge so it best reflects light and easily captures ones attention.

Premium Plate Production

Our goal is to deliver jaw dropping tourbillon looks developed by modern watchmaking technologies.  Rather than significantly increase the tourbillons price by hand etching our plates we will have an interplay of CNC machined, brushed, matte and polished 30 degree angles that give the watch a different look depending on the angle of light.  The straight and geometric designs fit with HORAGE’s design DNA and also provide a refreshed modern look to the smoking jacket tourbillon of yesteryear.  30 degrees is a special angle as it not only maximizes the reflection of light it is also involves a very tedious machining process.  

You have the choice of either Grey, Silver or Gold wet plated colours as standard.  For the blue lovers we have included all Blue or a Grey & Blue mix as an optional upgrade.  The richness of this blue is something other worldly and the process to achieve this also comes at a premium.  The reason for blue as an upgrade is that we must use a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process that demands a longer processing time. 











Premium Case Materials

We are horophiles and this means we love using the absolute best materials available, those being 904L Stainless Steel and Solid 18K Gold.  For our tourbillon we are offering as standard Polished or Brushed Stainless Steel. The 904L stainless steel was made famous by other luxury giants as it fantastically holds a polish, however at a 8-10x premium over standard 316L stainless steel.  There is a belief that 904L is exclusive to larger watchmakers, however we have also made this a standard steel in our Omnium watches and all future stainless steel HORAGE timepieces will be 904L. 904L is corrosion resistant and has an unprecedented brilliance to it.  


For those lucky enough to splurge on the ultimate of upgrades we are offering the option of an 18K solid gold case. HORAGE has developed its own gold colour that summons a very subtle, richer, deeper hue than traditional gold through the infusion of saffron and crimson colouring. We only utilize solid gold in our production and this means you have real world value.

Please note that the case side profile on all options is brushed and the front and backside of the lugs are polished, however the bezel finish is the changeable option. If you select polished you will receive a polished bezel and if you select brushed you will receive a brushed bezel.









Tourbillon 1_03042021-7.png

The  case profile as seen here is brushed on the sides.  The topside and bottom side of the lugs are polished and the crown remains the same.  We have done this to ensure both the polished and brushed bezel match well to the same case.

8 Strap Options To Choose From

The sourcing network at HORAGE is vast and plentiful. We have deep seated relationships with strap suppliers and for our tourbillon watch we will offer 8 Swiss Made options. The leather straps are a sandwiched construction that have a rubberized inner side that is stitched and bonded with either leather or fabric on the upper surface. This combination increases longevity of the strap and wearing comfort. In total there will are 7 leather straps and for those looking, for non-leather options we have the Allure Blue available. The buckles of all straps are our patented deployment buckle.


For those seeking additional straps they can be ordered in additionally, excluding buckle.









Limited Edition Run

The tourbillon is limited to orders placed during production windows of the pre-order timeline.  The pre-order opens on October 17th, 2020 and will run until August 1st, 2021. 

Production Windows & Delivery Times

March 1st to June 1st 2021

Delivery August 2021


June 2nd to August 1st 2021

Delivery December 2021


Reach out and ask us any questions.  We are here for you!


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